Super fine 300s hand embroidery pure cashmere scarf in pine tree forest pattern

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super fine 300s pure cashmere scarf in pine tree forest hand embroidery pattern

scarf material: 100% 300s ring velvet cashmere

scarf dimension:  70cm x 200cm

scarf net weight: 50g

package: Dupont™Tyvek® washable dust bag, anti-static zipper bag. 

300s pure cashmere, also named as ring velvet, is the highest grade of cashmere, famous for its light weight and super soft handfeel. 

With our delicate hand embroidery pine tree forest pattern, it is not only warm, and elegant, it is also precious, Perfect for travelling and air conditioning indoor. 

The scarf comes with WHOSTHAT special designed Dupont TYVEK dust bag to protect the scarf , be cool and stylish. 

hand embroidery in Hong Kong

cashmere from Mongolia