Peach wood 925 silver platinum plated earrings collection

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Peach wood 925 silver platinum plated earrings collection

Fascinated by the beauty and texture of natural material, WHOSTHAT designers use peach wood to create a collection of earrings, presented an oriental twist of trendiness.

Material:   Peach wood
Peach wood  is the wood of peach tree, the tree of life, symbolize youth and immortality.  Peach wood is believed to have the power warding off evil
Ear pins:  925 sterling silver
Packaging:  granite texture printed paper box with real wood craft work ornament, cotton jewel bag.
Product weight (with packaging): 40g

Option A: Babyfish adjustable ear strings
This lovely long ear strings are in long silver chains, so the length is adjustable to cope with your hairstyle and mood . This design also comes in  red sandal wood and black sandal wood version, carries different colors black, red, and beige, would perfectly match any color of your attire. 
Option B: Barber's tool set ear pins
This set of miniature comb and scissors are inspired from the tool set of hairdressers.  Simple and cute
Option C: Baby shoes ear pins
This pair of cute miniature shoes are too tiny to do villain hitting, isn't it? 
Option D: Wizardry summoner peach wood swords ear pins  
Peach wood swords are traditionally carried by Feng Shui masters to dispel malevolent energies during their travels. Nowadays, the peach wood swords symbolize fortune and wealth. 
Option EJubilation knot ear pins
Knot, in Chinese 'Jie' symbolizes forever love harmony, and unification, Therefore, this unique Chinese knots artwork has been a popular gift for thousands of years and embodies best wishes.
Option FAuspicious Cloud ear pins
Auspicious Cloud represents heaven and good luck in Chinese culture. It is also the transportation gear of the Chinese Fairy in Chinese traditions.

handmade in Hong Kong

Note: The object is made of natural material, so co